40 brands in FMCG portfolio

FMCG distribution

Linking the interests of manufacturers, retailers and end buyers of consumer goods (FMCG) by distributing high-quality brands and products.

Market Coverage

  • Top supplier of all retail chains in BiH
  • Strong long-term relationships with retail clients
  • Full geographical coverage and a focus for all channels through specialists in modern trade (national chains), local chains and traditional trade

Sales Force

  • Continuing education and institutionalized measurement of efficiency and effectiveness (strike rate, hit rate, store checks…)
  • Sales Representatives equipped with tablets including CRM solution
  • Dedicated Merchandising Team and strong organizational culture focused on shelves


  • Long-term tendency for profitable growth
  • Financial stability as a foundation for future growth and development
  • Full transparency and “open book” policy with principals

Brand Management

  • Brand Management Team ensures every brand receives the necessary focus and attention
  • Management of the entire marketing mix in coordination with the principal
  • Creative solutions for local promotions


  • Modern storage facilities certified according to international standards for various temperature regimes with continuous monitoring of the efficiency of storage processes.
  • Efficient and accurate deliveries provide a service level of 98% with optimal cost per tonne/kilometer
  • Full range of logistics services for principals including shipping, labeling and preparation of promotional packaging.