Our team consists dedicated employees.

Within the last


years of business Megamix has become one of the leading distributors of foodservice products in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Megamix – key figures

years in distribution
loyal customers
% focus on brands

Our services are based on sound knowledge of our partners’ business models and objectives, as well as market opportunities available to them. In this way we can generate added value through each step of the value chain.

Market Expansion

„We want to launch our brand in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but we are not familiar with the market and the local clients”.

  • excellent long-term relashionships with all clients and strong market reputation
  • experience in managing brands in Bosnian market
  • transparent strategic partnership


„We want to improve the efficiency and profitability of our business which we have developed so far by using our own sales and distribution”.

  • your fixed expenses become more flexible, enabling you to focus on your core business
  • high quality, low cost back-office support
  • synergies in both costs and know-how


„We want to significantly strengthen our presence in the market, but are limited by our current resources”.

  • effective, highly motivated and continuosly trained sales force
  • expertise in promoting brands at the point of sale
  • possibility of financing the turnover growth and assuming responsibility for market shares

Our objective is to continuously develop and improve our services while maintaining focus on cost efficiency and in-market execution.

We are at your service, because your goals are our goals.