We work with over 3000 loyal clients.


We have the courage and take the initiative

 - We speak clearly and loud about evident problems, suggest new ideas and solutions
 - We make decisions without delay and in time
 - We are creating a positive climate that encourages the takeover of the initiative

We have integrity, we do what we say, we keep the reputation of the company

 - We are fulfilling our commitments and are consistent with the implementation
 - We keep reputation
 - We work transparently

We respect each other, accept differences and take care of each other

 - We accept and respect different opinions, communicate sincerely
 - We support, assist and encourage each other
 - Conflicts are an opportunity for growth

The client is in the center of everything we do

 - We are focused on the needs of our clients and actively offer solutions
 - We are exclusively engaged in activities that contribute to quality improvement or reductions of    prices towards customers
 - We contribute to the development of our clients and look forward to their success

We have passion, we love what we do and we always want more

 - We accept new challenges with enthusiasm and see opportunities for improvements instead of    problems
 - We take results seriously it's personal
 - We have the desire to learn and work independently on our improving