25 years of business in the field of distribution


Megamix creates added value within the supply chain by linking the interests of manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Cooperation with our partners is carried out through:

  • attractive, customized and wide range portfolio
  • impeccable service which saves time and money
  • advice based on familiarity with business models of many satisfied clients
  • transparency and minimising business risks
  • caring for the brands we are looking after 


We identified the following trends in the business environment:

  • outsourcing for processes deemed inefficient;
  • continued efforts to reduce working capital and operational costs;
  • increased price sensitivity of consumers.

In order to respond to those trends, as well as take advantage of the available opportunities, we intend to take the following steps:

  • use external partners to improve inefficient parts of our own processes;
  • identify manufacturers and retailers we can help become more efficient by taking responsibility for individual processes (storage, distribution, sales);
  • create opportunities for our clients to focus on high turnover goods and increased profit margins by offering only established brands or products with excellent value for money;
  • initiate development projects with our partners, aiming to increase the efficiency of the whole supply chain;
  • improve working capital management by using additional financial tools and increasing the importance of operating cash flow.

Your goals are our goals!